Vote No On An Appointed Planning Board Article 24

The Charter Review Committee has recommended taking the vote away from each Millbury resident by including a Town Warrant Article (#24) to change the Millbury Planning Board from an elected board to appointments by the Town Manager, essential negating all representation by the community. The majority of voters should reject this Town Warrant Article.

There are two main public proponents who are pushing this “power grab” as some have referred to it as, are Selectmen Christopher Naff and Charter Review Committee Chairman Jeff Raymond.

People are not happy. Many are commenting that they are going to vote against Town Warrant Article 24 while they still have a vote. Many seem to agree that Town Warrant Article 24 would be bad for Millbury.

The Millbury Board of Selectmen already appoint the Town Manager and the Millbury Board of Appeals. If Town Warrant Article 24 were to pass at Town Meeting and a second vote at the ballot next year, then the Millbury Board of Selectmen would then have even more influence (or control) over the two most transformational and powerful boards in Millbury. It is our opinion there needs to be checks and balances and Town Warrant Article 24 would essentially eliminate Millbury resident’s input. Let’s make changes to the Millbury Planning Board through the ballot box by electing, recalling individual members who are not up to par, and those that favor developers over the current taxpayers of Millbury.

Two of our neighbors spoke out against Town Warrant Article 24 at the Charter Review Committee’s public hearing.

This is bad for Millbury and everyone should reject Town Warrant Article 24 at the Town Meeting on May 3, 2022. The registered voters of Millbury need not give up our vote (and voice in the democratic process).