Pack Of Coyotes Spotted

A neighbor reported observing a pack of coyotes cross Aldrich Avenue (from west to east) heading over the banking down to the brook and behind 11 Thomas Hill Road, Wednesday evening at around 9:00 PM. People should be aware and use extreme caution in the neighbor to avoid one or more coyotes. When you see one, there are usually others around that are unseen.

As some of you may recall awhile back a large coyote or coywolf was spotted in the afternoon walking up the middle of Thomas Hill Road and then heading into the woods behind 12 Thomas Hill Road.

Please refer to Big Coyote In Neighborhood. Coyotes or coywolves have also been spotted during the day on the side of 17 Rice Road, behind 3 Rice Road, and 11 Rice Road.

  • Please talk to children about what to do if they see a coyote or coywolf.
  • Please keep small pets (dogs, cats, chickens, etc.) inside or in a protected area that wild animals cannot gain access to.
  • Wild animals usually come closer to people for easy food sources, so please properly dispose of any trash or garbage that may be stored outside and regularly have all type of waste removed by a waste professionals or take the items to the transfer station yourselves at frequent intervals.

Working together we can make our neighborhood(s) safer for everyone.