Rezoning Petition Submitted

On Tuesday, February 15, 2022, a citizen’s petition was submitted to the Town of Millbury’s Town Clerk to “Rezoning To Suburban II A Portion Of Residential I North Of Rice Road”.

The general purpose is to simply align the zoning districts on the north and south sides of Rice Road to be consistent with the purposes of Section 22 of the Zoning Bylaws.

Petition Reads

To see if the town will vote to: amend the Zoning Map by rezoning to Suburban II District that portion of the Residential I District that includes the following lots shown on the Town of Millbury Official Zoning Map, last edited on November 2, 2021, and on file in the Town Clerk’s Office, or take any action thereto:

  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 74
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 75
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 76
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 126
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 127
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 128
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 129
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 130
  • Assessors Map 63, Lot 144

The citizen’s petition was signed by a majority of the properties included in the rezoning area, other abutting the rezoning, and in the neighborhood:

  • 12 Thomas Hill Road (3 signatures)
  • 11 Thomas Hill Road (2 signatures)
  • 1 Rice Road (1 signature)
  • 3 Rice Road (1 signature)
  • 5 Rice Road (2 signatures)
  • 9 Rice Road (5 signatures)
  • 11 Rice Road (1 signature)
  • 12 Rice Road (1 signature)
  • 14 Rice Road (1 signature)
  • 20 Rice Road (1 signature)

The Millbury Town Clerk is verifying the required 10 registered voter signatures now, then the citizen’s petition will work its way through the process to Town Meeting on May 3, 2022. It is important that the neighborhood and town’s people support this rezoning change to be consistent with the purposes of Section 22 of the Zoning Bylaws.


Rezoning R1 to S2 Zoning Map

Rezoning R1 to S2 Parcels