Chapter 40B LIP Agreement Authorized

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the Millbury Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to authorize the chairperson of the Board of Selectmen, Mary Krumsiek, to enter into a Chapter 40B Local Initiative Program (LIP) agreement with SJV Investments (i.e., Steven Venincasa and James Venincasa ( the “Developer”)) for the property located at 17 Rice Road in Millbury, Massachusetts. The Board of Selectmen were quite clear that they do not support nor endorse this proposed project and that this process was not a negotiation, as the Developer would not make requested concession (i.e., the railroad crossing, the Rice Road/Providence Street intersection improvements, or other public safety offsite improvements).

While individuals may have strong feeling about the Board of Selectmen’s decision to enter into this Chapter 40B LIP agreement, the decision has been made, and the neighborhood and town’s people have to prepare for the Board of Appeals public hearing so that all public safety and other issues are included in the public record so that the Board of Appeals can render a thoughtful decision (which is more of a recommendation and setting conditions that must be met), as the final decision lies with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, not the Town of Millbury.

Therefore, we, as a neighborhood and neighborhoods of Millbury, need to continue to come together to prepare for the road ahead, as this proposed project does not just impact Rice Road, Thomas Hill Road, Aldrich Avenue, and Captain Peter Simpson Road. This proposed project with 192-apartments, if approved by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, will have far reaching impacts on other residential neighborhoods, including, but not limited to South Main Street, Woodland Street, Herricks Lane, Curve Street, Maple Street, Sycamore Street, Providence Street, Riverlin Street, Canal Street, Elm Street, Main Street/North Main Street, Howe Avenue/Millbury Avenue, and beyond.

Take action — if you have not subscribed to this blog, then please take that step and encourage your neighbors and friends to do the same, to keep informed and engaged. We have a lot of work to do to mitigate impacts.