Retain An Attorney

A few neighbors were consulted and we think it would be prudent for us, as a neighborhood, to retain an attorney to articulate in a concise letter what we would like mitigated in regards to the proposed Rice Pond Village project. Therefore, we are reaching out to gauge interest first from direct abutters who are interested in contributing at least $250± per household[1] toward this effort. If there is enough support, then our neighborhood representative will provide documents and obtain a formal estimate from a law firm that specializes in condominium law, as well as land use and zoning matters, that our neighborhood representative trusts and has done extensive work with.

Please complete this form to retain an attorney or simply to keep informed of continued actions that we, as a neighborhood, should take to ensure a successful outcome.

All personal information collected with this form will be handled as strictly confidential and will not shared with others without prior consent.

[1] This is an initial rough estimate to gauge interest of neighbors and any unused funds will be returned.