Project Cover Letter

Enclosed are three full sized copies and seven reduced size copies of the Rice Pond Village Site Plan of Land dated 26 March 2021. Also enclosed are seven copies of supporting documents to satisfy the Special Permit submission checklist. In addition, we have enclosed checks in the amounts of $3,100 and $6,000 payable to the Town of Millbury for the required application fee for 52 proposed units and the technical review fee.

The applicant, Whitney Street Home Builders, LLC, proposes to construct a condominium development of 52 units on this site. The land is approximately 15.6 acres located in the R-1 zoning district on the northerly side of Rice Road and is comprised of parcels numbers 75 and 144 on Assessor’s Map 63.

A portion of the site has been previously developed, in the area around the existing house at #17 but the remainder of the property is wooded and undeveloped. The middle of the site is a ridge top with grades sloping down to the north toward the abutting railroad property and down to the south toward an existing unnamed pond.

The applicant proposes to demolish the existing home and construct a new private drive, Hillcrest Circle, entering onto Rice Road directly opposite Thomas Hill Road. Hillcrest Circle will remain a private drive and will serve as access to 26 proposed duplex condominiums, a total of 52 units.

Its proposed grades will be very moderate, having a maximum slope of 3.28%. It will have inside curb radii of at least 50 feet to accommodate the turning movements of large trucks.

Every proposed unit will have a two car garage and parking for two cars will be provided in front of every unit without any parking on Hillcrest Circle. A total of ten surplus parking spaces for visitors are also proposed in three locations on site.

The site will be landscaped according to the Landscape Architect’s plans included in the site plans. A dog park will be created on the westerly side of the power line easement that runs through the site and walking trails will connect it to the pond and to Hillcrest Circle.

Benches will be installed off the trail overlooking the pond. A sports court area will be created over the infiltration area receiving the site’s stormwater runoff. The eventual use of this area, whether as a bocce court or another use has not been finalized.

The proposed units will be a mix of two and three bedroom floor plans targeted at first time home buyers and empty nest couples.

We believe this development will be an attractive addition to the Town.

For your review, the following documents are enclosed:

On behalf of the applicant, Whitney Street Home Builders, LLC, I ask that the Board please schedule a hearing to consider this application. If you have any questions at all, please contact me and thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.

Azimuth Land Design, LLC
James Tetreault, PE CPESC


Proposed Rice Pond Village Site Plan of Plan v1

Application for Special Permit

Certificate of Ownership

Development Impact Statements

Drainage Report

Elevations of Proposed Duplexes

Project Cover Letter

Traffic Impact Study