Paving Of Rice Road

According to a drive-by conversation this afternoon with the Town of Millbury’s DPW Director, Rice Road will be mostly paved from the Providence & Worcester Railroad crossing (our neighborhood side) to the last manhole on Rice Road near South Main Street on Monday, November 28, 2022. What is meant by mostly paved is that due to the utility pole and fire hydrant not being relocated and removed, from the last manhole on Rice Road to South Man Street will remain with a base layer of pavement only until at least Spring of 2023. While not ideal for anyone, the DPW put forth significant effort to try to get Verizon to start/complete its required work to facilitate the removal of the utility pole, to allow Aquarion Water Company to relocate the fire hydrant (as there is a sequence in construction projects), and to allow Lynch to remove the traffic island and complete the paving project. It just did not happen. As we have already had our first winter weather event the DPW cannot allow Rice Road as it currently is any longer.

Therefore, on Monday, November 28, 2022, no one should park in or along Rice Road and should not be parked within 5-feet of the road’s edge. Rice Road will be a single lane road during this operation and detail police officers should be present to control the traffic flow while the paving crew is working. Please plan accordingly.

While not talked about, the driveway aprons and sidewalk patches will likely follow in a period of time after Monday, November 28, 2022, if they follow their pattern of work from the rest of the neighborhood.

Any leaves along Rice Road’s edge could be leaf blown from the road’s edge into yards. So if you have leaves along the road’s edge you might want to attend to those in the coming days.

We hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.