Pavement Work Finish Layer Update

On Friday, September 2, 2022, the Town of Millbury’s Department of Public Works / Highway Department’s subcontractor, J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc., laying down the final layer of asphalt on Thomas Hill Road, Aldrich Avenue, and Captain Peter Simpson Road. It is assumed, but not confirmed, that Rice Road will follow next week between the Providence & Worcester Railroad crossing in a northwesterly direction to South Main Street.

A representative from J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. informed one of our neighbors that finish work such as installing gravel, loom, seed behind newly installed cape cod berms in necessary locations and as needed along the roadway, and repairs to and blending of sidewalks and driveway aprons directly abutting the new road pavement will be performed in a reasonable period thereafter the roadwork has completed. The four runoff spillways, three on Thomas Hill Road on each end of the guardrails and one on Aldrich Avenue will also be constructed and blended into the existing rip rap and concrete spillways previously installed in 1960±, either by the Town of Millbury’s Department of Public Works / Highway Department’s subcontractor or the DPW themselves to avoid any pooling of water off of the roadways.

The Millbury Department of Public Works / Highway Department are still waiting for the utility companies to relocate the utility pole and fire hydrant at the intersections of Rice Road and South Main Street to begin the reconfiguration into a more standard T intersection and eliminate the out only part of Rice Road as it blended into South Main Street. The monument is also planned to be moved away from the curb line on South Main Street somewhere in the now discontinued portion of Rice Road (the exit only portion that blended into South Main Street).

There has been a lot of positive feedback about the work being performed and the gratitude from our neighborhood.

Please advise your neighbors, in case they may not be aware.