Neighborhood Meeting

On Monday, November 14, 2022, our neighborhood had a private neighborhood meeting to discuss the proposed Chapter 40B LIP project slated for the site at 17 Rice Road in Millbury, Massachusetts. While we will not be publicly disclose details of the private neighborhood meeting, what we will share is that it was well attended by the majority of neighbors who actively participated and shared their thoughts and ideas on how we proceed forward together.

We are united as a neighborhood and a broader Millbury community, to help ensure responsible and appropriate development, which this specific proposed Chapter 40B proposed is not that, due to a growing list of public safety and design concerns (refer to past posts for more details).

Other communities are looking at what we are doing as a neighborhood and community as a model to follow. We have been contacted by two other nearby communities and will be consulting with them, as appropriate, to share lessons learned, strategies, etc.

For those neighbors who we were not able to attend, we hope you will attend other neighborhood meetings and subscribe to keep informed. We have also floated the idea of a broader Millbury community meeting for this proposed project and other multi-family developments throughout Millbury.