Millbury Power Choice Program

Are you aware of the Millbury Power Choice Program? The Town of Millbury apparently is automatically opting electricity customers in the Millbury Power Choice Program, which sounds contradictory, since the “choice” was made for you by the Town of Millbury and you must opt-out if you do not wish to have your electric supplier changed for you.

Some people have received an information letter, while others have not, at least as of the date of the publishing of this blog post. The letter begins with:

The Town of Millbury is offering Millbury Power Choice (MPC), which provides new Town-vetted options for electricity supply. National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity, however, the electricity supplier was chosen by the Town of Millbury through a competitive bid process that leveraged the bulk-buying power of our community, understanding that savings cannot be guaranteed.

You will be automatically enrolled in the MPC product, “Standard,” as of your June 2022 electricity meter read, unless you choose one of our optional products or choose to opt out.

To opt out and avoid automatic enrollment in the MPC program, you must do one of the following before May 14, 2022:

  • mail and postmark the enclosed opt-out card
  • call NextEra Energy Service at (855) 639-8105
  • submit the opt-out form at