Meetings and public hearings related to the proposed Rice Pond Village project with a project address of 17 Rice Road in Millbury, Massachusetts are provided below:

DateBoard or CommissionTime Code
6/15/2022Board of Selectmen
Chapter 40B Negotiations
5/24/2022Board of Selectmen
Chapter 40B LIP Presentation
2/14/2022Planning Board0:34:06±
2/8/2022Board of Selectmen
1/24/2022Planning Board0:13:17±
1/10/2022Planning Board0:47:45±
12/13/2021Planning Board0:08:50±
11/22/2021Planning Board0:02:30±
11/3/2021Conservation Commission0:05:50±
10/25/2021Planning Board0:47:08±
10/20/2021Conservation Commission0:47:50±
10/6/2021Conservation Commission0:00:30±
9/27/2021Planning Board2:09:29±
9/15/2021Conservation Commission0:03:07±
9/13/2021Planning Board1:03:20±
8/9/2021Planning Board2:11:50±
8/4/2021Conservation Commission0:12:15±
7/12/2021Planning Board1:39:00±
6/14/2021Planning Board1:06:40±
5/19/2021Conservation Commission0:32:50±
5/10/2021Planning Board1:18:13±

Each of these meetings and public hearings are recorded and available through Millbury Public Access.

Please refer to the Town of Millbury website for future meetings of the Planning Board and Conservation Commission:

Millbury Planning Board Meetings

Millbury Conservation Commission Meetings