Laurie Connors Tenders Resignation

Millbury’s Town Manager, Sean Hendricks, announced at the Tuesday, February 8, 2022 Millbury Board of Selectmen’s meeting that Laurie Connors, Director of Planning and Development, has tendered her resignation effective Monday, March 7, 2022. He stated that Laurie Connors will be taking a position in the Town of Northborough.

Sean Hendricks has been an outspoken defender of Laurie Connors while numerous other people adamantly disagreed with his assessment. He conveyed that Laurie Connors’ reasons for her resignation was a lack of decorum shown to her by the Millbury Planning Board members and wanting to protect her reputation. If you watch the broadcast of the meeting, you should be able to notice the irony in his own statements and criticism of the Millbury Planning Board members and others in our community.

Millbury’s Town Manager, Sean Hendricks, announced that Conor McCormack, the current Assistant Planner, will fulfill the duties of Director of Planning and Development on an interim basis until a suitable replacement can be found.

The reactions thus far from residents have been joyful and hopeful that any replacement will be unbiased, neutral, and simply gains compliance with all town regulations, rather than advocating for whatever developers want to do (i.e., waivers, variances, etc.).


Millbury Board of Selectmen’s Meeting