Engineer No Show, Public Hearings Continued

There were two public hearing scheduled and posted on the agendas of the Millbury Planning Board and Millbury Conservation Commission this week that James Tetreault, the project engineer from Azimuth Land Design, LLC, did not attend and therefore the public hearing were continued, even though neighbors were in attendance and ready to provide public comments. The developer, Steven F. Venincasa of Whitney Street Home Builders, LLC, was in attendance for the Millbury Planning Board meeting for the Canal Street project, but left immediately after that public hearing concluded.

This last minute cancellation of public hearings due to the project engineer, James Tetreault, and the developer, Steven F. Venincasa, demonstrates a clear disrespect to the neighborhood, the Millbury Planning Board, Millbury Conservation Commission, and in general the town of Millbury. Neighbors scheduled their time around these meetings, only to show up and be told that these meetings were not happening and to come back on another date and time.

The public hearings were both rescheduled. Please check the Meetings page for the reschedule dates or the Town of Millbury’s website for details.