Chapter 40B LIP Authorization

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the Millbury Board of Selectmen included on their agenda to authorize the Chairperson, Mary Krumsiek, on behalf of the Town of Millbury, to execute a Chapter 40B LIP agreement between the Town and SJV Investments (Steven Venincasa and James Venincasa) to begin the Chapter 40B LIP process. This is not an approval of the proposed Chapter 40B project at 17 Rice Road, as that decision lies with the Millbury Board of Appeals (more of a town recommendation than an decision) and the final decision is with the Massachusetts Housing and Community Development.

The action items of “Authorize the Chair to execute a development agreement with SJV Investment, LLC for the proposed M.G.L Ch. 40B Local Initiative Program proiect located at 17 Rice Road” appears on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda under New Business, therefore, the Board will debate and vote (if they elect to), but the general public (citizens) will not have the opportunity for questions or input at this point.

We have been informed that the Board of Selectmen will explain the pros and cons of Chapter 40B LIP during the Board’s presentation/discussion, for which the neighborhood and town’s people should be in attendance for to better understand the decision before the Millbury Board of Selectmen and the town.

Any questions or comments should be directed to Selectmen Mary Krumsiek and David M. Delaney:

NameEmail Address
David M.

Please refer to the “Chapter 40B LIP Negotiation Memorandum” post for some, but not necessarily all of the critical issues that must be resolved. The proposed Chapter 40B project is simply in the wrong location for the density and traffic it will generate. Not to sound like a broken record, but our neighborhood is not against responsible and appropriate development or affordable housing. There is no project in Millbury that is this magnitude. Any development simply needs to fully compliant with zoning bylaws, be responsible, compatible, and appropriately sited.