Big Coyote In Neighborhood

Earlier this afternoon, a huge coyote (or coywolf) walked up Thomas Hill Road, through a yard, and into the woods west of Thomas Hill Road and east of South Main Street, behind the houses on the north side of Captain Peter Simpson Road. A neighbor has posted online that the coyotes use the power lines as a travel lane.

Please be aware and keep a very close eye on children, elderly neighbors, and pets during the day and night.

How To Avoid Conflicts With Coyotes:

  • Do not feed coyotes
  • Make sure no trash or garbage is left outside
  • Do not let pets run loose or unattended
  • Do not run from a coyote or turn your back on them, instead you should yell aggressively and be as big as possible
  • Face the animal and back away slowly, and keep pets on a six-foot leash and don’t bend down to pick anything up
  • Report aggressive or fearless coyotes immediately
  • Do not create conflict – If a coyote is attempting to avoid humans and pets, do not seek out opportunities to haze or aggravate the animal