AG Approves Rezoning

On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, the “Rezoning To Suburban II A Portion Of Residential I North Of Rice Road” town warrant article was approved by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

The north side of Rice Road is now in alignment with the zoning of the south side of Rice Road and the entirety of the neighborhood of Thomas Hill Road, Aldrich Avenue, Captain Peter Simpson Road, and properties along the east side of South Main Street in a southerly direction toward the town of Sutton, effective May 3, 2022, as Suburban II.

This zoning change affects 1 Rice Road, 3 Rice Road, 5 Rice Road, 7 Rice Road, 9 Rice Road, 11 Rice Road, the four parcels of land known as 17 Rice Road, and 19 Rice Road, and 12± acres of inaccessible land with noncompliant frontage on South Main Street at the end of Rice Road. Therefore, multifamily dwelling units are no longer permitted on Rice Road, a minor road. 1

A public notice will be published for 30-days advising of the rezoning change.

Our neighborhood certainly appreciates all of the support of the voters of Millbury to affect this positive change and to unify our neighborhood with consistent land use.

The next steps are to continue our efforts to implement a temporary moratorium on multifamily dwelling units.

1 This does not necessarily prohibit a Chapter 40B development as has been proposed, but would prohibit other types of multifamily developments under Millbury’s Zoning Bylaws.